ISAM in Brief

The International Society of Addiction Medicine, ISAM, is an international fellowship of physicians  founded in 1998 and committed to the advancement of knowledge about Addicton Medicine through the:
  • Recognition of physicians worldwide who have a major role to play in its management
  • Enhancement of the credibility of the physician’s role
  • Emphasis of the importance of educational activities

ISAM Information Brochure


  • Annual Scientific Congress: 2021: virtual Nov 19-20-21; 2022 Valletta, Malta; 2023 Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Provision of a membership-based forum for physicians worldwide
  • Biannual email Newsletters, informing members of ISAM activities and meetings
  • ISAM Committees and position papers on select topics relevant to practice methods
  • International Certification Exam in Addiction Medicine
  • Textbook of Addiction Treatment: International Perspectives
  • ISAM Fundamental Modules held annually
  • Regularly offered webinars



Global Excellence in Addiction Medicine


A strong and forward looking society in addiction medicine that supports its members and affiliate organisations to deliver high-quality patient centered care all over the world.


Our values underpin everything we do at ISAM:
Innovation  •  Respect  •  Excellence  •  Collaboration  •  Learning  •  Diverse

Annual ISAM Conference

November 19-20-21, 2021

The Annual ISAM Conference will be virtual between November 19 and November 21, 2021. This global event is dedicated to providing world-class addiction medicine education and provides an exceptional opportunity to highlight new research, innovative practices, sociopolitical ideas and new approaches to treatment.

2021 Registration grants:

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