Distinguished ISAM Fellows status is based upon an outstanding and long sustained demonstration of contribution in the field of addiction medicine, exceptional professionalism, consummate integrity, noted leadership and demonstrated service to ISAM. Fellows are strong advocates of the field.

To be nominated for Distinguished Fellow status, please send a letter of intent with the required documentation to the ISAM Office. A curriculum vitae with the sections documenting specific criteria highlighted will be acceptable, but only if the criteria are highlighted in the document.  In addition, a written endorsement from a Former ISAM President, Board Member, Regional Director or Standing Committee Chair indicating a knowledge of your accomplishments, commitment to ISAM and to the field of addiction, professionalism, and recommendation for the application is required.

In order to qualify the nominee must meet the majority of the following criteria, with documentation:

  1. ISAM Membership and/or significant contributions to ISAM (ISAM office can verify, no need for documentation)
  2. The nominee should be recognized as a Specialist in Addiction Medicine, preferably with ISAM or ABM certification
  3. Given significant service to ISAM in at least three of the areas below:
    • Completed at least one term on the ISAM Board of Directors.
    • Served as Chair of an ISAM committee, task force, or work group OR served as a member who has made repeated and significant contributions for at least two years to the work of the committee.
    • Completed at least one term as an officer of AND made significant contributions to the Regional Council.
    • Served as a Chair or Vice-Chair on the LOC of a recognized ISAM conference.
    • Served as a speaker (plenaries and symposia) at three or more ISAM conferences.
    • Served on the editorial board or authored content for an ISAM international publication (including the Textbook) or Certification examination (i.e. writing questions for the ISAM examination).
  4. Have contributed significantly to your community in addiction or substance use related services in at least three of the areas below:
    • Completed one term as an officer to another Affiliate medical or professional organization.
    • Participation in non-compensated activities of social significance for at least one year such as: volunteer work at community health agencies with charters related to addiction, or other recognized volunteer work.
    • Other related clinical contributions such as developing a model for addiction treatment or advancing the knowledge base of Addiction Medicine.
    • Contributed to political or social change in the areas that support the mission of addiction medicine. Examples include:
      –     Grass roots or other lobbying for addiction related health issues.
      –     Completed at least one term as an elected or appointed public official. You must document your addiction  or substance use related agenda during this term.
      –     Served on a local, regional or national committee, unrelated to addictions professional organizations to further the mission of addiction medicine or ISAM.
      –     Testified before local, state, or federal legislative bodies to further the mission of addiction medicine
    • Made teaching contributions (five years minimum) in a graduate level program setting such as the appointment to a medical society faculty in substance abuse education or training.
    • Published in peer reviewed journals, books, or chapters of books, written for the education of professionals with a strong emphasis placed on addiction related topics.


To apply for Distinguished ISAM Fellow status you may submit the completed application form to the ISAM Office

ALHO, Hannu  Finland
BRADY, Kathleen  USA
BUNT, Gregory  USA
CARRA, Giuseppe
DE JONG, Cor  Netherlands
GAWAD, Tarek  Egypt
HABER, Paul  Australia
HAJELA, Raju  Canada
HIGUCHI, Susumu Japan
KHAN, Riaz  Switzerland
SAUNDERS, John  Australia
WELLE-STRAND, Gabriella  Norway