Cyprus National Addictions Authority - NAAC

NAAC is the supreme coordinating body in the field of licit and illicit addictive substances and pathological gambling in Cyprus and has the following responsibilities:

  1. Planning and monitoring the implementation of the National Strategy on Illicit Substances Dependence and the Harmful Use of Alcohol 2013-2020,
  2. Coordinating and monitoring all relevant measures and intervention
  3. Promoting legislative measures,
  4. Promoting timely and scientifically documented information and enlightenment,
  5. Authorizing measures, programs and interventions for prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration, as well as sponsoring licensed programs of non-governmental organisations,
  6. Monitoring for the detection of any direct or indirect promotion or advertising of addictive substances use,
  7. Developing cooperation with corresponding international and national Bodies / Organisations,
  8. Implementing interventions or programs,
  9. Collecting, processing, studying and evaluating information and data,
  10. Creating, organising and operating an electronic information network and
  11. Cooperating with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).


Konstantinos Stylianou

Executive Director

Cyprus National Addictions Authority

35 Iosif Hadjiosif and Andreas Avraamides,

1st floor, 2028 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus


European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association (EUROPAD)

Dr. Marilena Guareschi

Executive Secretary AU-CNS

Institut Fédératif des Addictions Comportamentales – IFAC

Institut Fédératif des Addictions Comportamentales – IFAC

The Federative Institute of Behavioral Addictions is a unit of the Nantes University Hospital dedicated to research, training-prevention and information on behavioral addictions (eg pathological gambling and gambling, excessive practice of video games, Internet gaming disorder, affective and sexual addictions, pathological purchases , excessive physical exercise, etc.).

Creation of the Excessive Gambling Reference Center (CRJE)

The CRJE was the first structure on French territory to develop a research, training and information activity on excessive gambling (games of chance and money & video games), in 2008. Born on the initiative of the Pr Jean-Luc VENISSE, addiction psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Nantes, it was created thanks to the financial support of the University Hospital of Nantes and donations from two patrons, the Française des Jeux (FDJ) and the Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU).

Birth of the Federative Institute of Behavioral Addictions (IFAC)

After three years of existence, the CRJE was extended to cover all behavioral addictions and was renamed the Federative Institute of Behavioral Addictions (IFAC) in 2011. Thus, in addition to pathological gambling and the use of video games, IFAC’s field of action has been extended to other forms of addiction without product: cyberaddiction, compulsive shopping, eating disorders, sexual addiction…
The creation of the IFAC was also an opportunity for Prof. VENISSE to hand over to his successor, Prof. Marie GRALL-BRONNEC, also an addiction psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Nantes. Pr Marie GRALL-BRONNEC has been responsible for the medical responsibility of IFAC since 2011.

The objectives of IFAC

  • Improve the state of scientific knowledge on behavioral addictions
  • Train health professionals and social workers to improve the prevention and management of behavioral addictions
  • Disseminate knowledge to the general public to help people in difficulty and those around them


Marie Grall-Bronnec (medical head)

Gaëlle Challet (coordinator / manager)

Maltese Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS)

Maltese FSWS

Mr. Alfred Grixti, CEO


+356 22588900  |


National Addictions Management Service of Singapore - NAMS

Adilla Binte Abdul Jalil (IMH) ,

Dr. Lambert Low, Consultant, NAMS


National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)

Dr. Samya Almamari

NRC- National Rehabilitation



Organisation Against Drugs of Greece (OKANA)

Thanassis Theocharis (president)


Greek Society – OKANA

Dr. Christos Kouimtsidis

National Coordinator

Addressing Drugs for Greece

National Coordinator for Addressing Drugs for Greece