Annual ISAM Conference

ISAM 2024 Istanbul Program

SEPTEMBER 5-8, 2024

The Annual ISAM Conference is scheduled for September 5-8, 2024 in Istanbul, Turkiye. This global event is dedicated to providing world-class addiction medicine education and provides an exceptional opportunity to highlight new research, innovative practices, sociopolitical ideas and new approaches to treatment.

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2024 Grants-in-Aid-of-Travel – submission deadline closed 


NIDA grants in Aid of Travel: deadline is closed

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ISAM Conference Locations and Themes



ISAM Sept 5-8, 2024 – Istanbul, Turkiye



ISAM May 26-28, 2025 – Hamburg, Germany

ISAM Oct 1-3, 2026 – Rotterdam, Netherlands

ISAM 2027 – Sydney, Australia

ISAM Exam 2024

The ISAM Certification Exam will next be offered in 2024 – online on April 5, 2024 and September 4, 2024

It can also be taken in person on September 4, 2024 pre-ISAM 2024 in Istanbul, Turkiye

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