Terms and Conditions for National Societies’ Affiliation with ISAM (Revised October 2012)

The International Society of Addiction Medicine welcomes both individual memberships and Affiliation with National Societies in the field with the listed advantages below.


  1. The Affiliate Society is composed of a majority of physicians.
  2. Members either practice or have an interest in Addiction Medicine.
  3. The aims and objectives of the Affiliate Society are compatible with those of ISAM


The society should send an informal application letter to ISAM president and head office stating the general information on the society (aims, objectives), the main profession of members, number of members, contact persons, web pages of the society and declare any support from alcohol or tobacco industry to the society.

Upon Board approval of the affiliation in either Group I or Group II (see table):

  • A contact for the Society Head Office or Secretariat will be forwarded to ISAM for sending an email copy of the Journal of Substance Abuse.
  • A copy of the ISAM Newsletter and other information will be funneled through the Society contact person/email.
  • Group I Affiliate Society members will be entitled to a reduction in registration fees for the annual ISAM meetings as set by the Local Organizing Committee of that event as well as a reduced fee for the Certification Examination.

At present, the AAAP (American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry), ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine), CSAM-SMCA (Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine) , VVGN – Dutch Society, Egyptian Psychiatric Association, ISATA – Iranian Institute for Science and Technology of Addiction, Japanese Society of  Alcohol-Related Problems, KAAP – Korean Society of Addiction and the Swiss Society for Addiction Medicine are our Group I affiliates. The Finnish Society, Israeli Society, and Norwegian Society are considered Group II affiliations.

ISAM also has two Organizational Affiliates: EUROPAD and the NRC (National Rehabilitation Center), UAE

Fees Formula:

Group I Affiliates:

A) Large society (more than 1000 physician members)

  • $5,000 USD initiation fee; $2,500 USD annual fee for Category A and B countries

B) Mid-level society (between 300 and 999 physician members)

  • $3,000 USD initiation fee; $1,000 USD annual fee for Category A and B countries

C) Category C & D countries of the World Bank list – fees will be adjusted according to the Regional Council

The affiliated membership dues are be paid annually to the ISAM account either as a bank transfer or by credit card, please contact the head office for payment.

Head Office Contact Information: ISAM Office Attention: Marilyn Dorozio 47 Tuscany Ridge Terrace NW Calgary AB T3L3A5 CANADA Tel: 403 813-7217 E.mail: ISAM.mdorozio@gmail.com

Organization BenefitsISAMAffiliate Organization
Group I
Affiliate Organization
Group II
ORGANIZATIONNetwork of organizationsCloser links with international networkSame
PRODUCTSImproved access to developed/ developing countries’ memberships;
Enhanced Negotiation/ Purchase power
Enhanced knowledge of each other’s products & reduced duplicationSame
Individual Benefits/ProductsActive membersAffiliate membersAffiliate members
ORGANIZATIONEligible for any ISAM position: Board, Committee Chairs, Editorship, representation to external bodies, etc.Eligible for ISAM Committee/Task Force membership only and through eventual Council of Affiliate Societies which will have a representative on the BoardAdvisory but not eligible for participation otherwise
ANNUAL/REGIONAL MEETINGSLarger reduction in registration feeReduction in registration feeNo fee reduction
WEBSITEAccess to integrative linkagesAccess to integrative linkagesAccess to integrative linkages
Newsletter, Position papers, & other announcementsEmailed directly to memberEmailed to Affiliate Organization contactEmailed to Affiliate Organization contact
SUBSTANCE ABUSE JOURNALFree online copyOne free copy sent to one Affiliate Organization contactNo free copy
INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION EXAMDiscount for exam feeDiscount for exam feeNo discount
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (Non-Medical)WelcomeWelcomeWelcome
MEMBERSHIP DUESAs determined by BoardSupport for ISAM annual dues collection-