ISAM Conflict of Interest Policies

As an incorporated, Not-for-Profit Society incorporated in Canada, ISAM must adhere to the Guidelines and Codes set out by the medical regulating bodies to ensure any involvement with industry or pharmaceuticals is arm’s length and in no way influences the activities or the education offered by the Society in the fulfilling of its mandate.

General Firewalls:

  • Grants from companies must be unencumbered of obligation to the sponsor, support legitimate scientific or educational purposes, be based on objective criteria, and must not represent payment for influence or favorable treatment.
  • Grants are only accepted by ISAM in support of programs that are designed to be of benefit to the field and are independently managed by members of the ISAM.
  • All grants are publicly disclosed on the ISAM website. All funds received from grants are used for the purpose designated in the grant. Any funds that may remain from those grants are reported on our annual audited financial statement, are carried over and used for that purpose in subsequent years, or are returned to the granting company.
  • The ISAM Executive Office staff handles all financial matters with participating corporations, i.e. collecting fees and making grant requests.  Staff members have no vote on any official ISAM program activities.  The ISAM members who participate in those official ISAM activities are not involved in financial matters and often are not aware of the financial contributions that may or may not have been made by any company.
  • All members of key ISAM bodies, such as the Board of Directors, are required to fully disclose all potential conflicts of interest at least annually.

Funding from Alcohol, Tobacco or Medical Marihuana Industry is not acceptable
The local organizer of ISAM annual meetings (LOC) must accept this policy

Annual Meeting Firewalls:

  • All participating corporations are treated the same.  Each is offered the same opportunity to support the meeting and each is acknowledged and recognized in meeting materials based on the amount of grant support provided. No specific sessions are identified as having been sponsored by a certain company.
  • The activities of participating corporations at the Annual Meeting are monitored by asking all meeting attendees to report on the meeting evaluation any activity that they believed to be inappropriate.

Download the Canadian Medical Association Guidelines for Physicians in interaction with Industry

Download the Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Ethical Practices