ISAM Committees

ISAM members are encouraged to join committees by contacting the committee chair:

Education and Training Committee

Dr. Alex Baldacchino and Dr. Cor de Jong (Co-Chairs)

  • Establishing a network of national contacts for addiction medicine and evaluating the management of training in addiction medicine in different countries.

ISAM Education and Training committee members – 2019

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Finance Committee

Dr. Riaz Khan (Chair)

  • To enhance and sustain a stable financial visibility and  viability to achieve realistic financial goals for ISAM’s activities, by exploring ethical and non  conflict of interest sources of funding such as grants or donations( from the pharmaceutical industry, individual donors, family foundations or corporate foundations).

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Membership Committee

Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones

  • The purpose of the committee is to improve and increase the membership in the society.

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Publications Committee

Dr. Marc Potenza (Chair)

  • Promote and ensure liaison with publication and member participation in submissions for publication and maintain the ISAM website.

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External Funding Committee

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New Professional: Exploration, Training and Education - NEXT

Lead Dr. Roshan Bhad



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