Monthly ISAM NIG Talk Series: In-Love With Addiction Neuroscience

September 30

The international society for addiction medicine (ISAM) is has initiated a monthly talk series. In this talk series, addiction neuroscientists from across the world share their personal stories/experiences on the beauty of addiction neuroscience and how/why they have decided to invest their scientific life in this field. ISAM hopes this talk series encourages and supports a new generation of young and passionate addiction neuroscientists in different countries to revolutionize the field of addiction medicine. Talks will be recorded and archived for public access in the ISAM YouTube channel.
The main topic in the talks will be the personal academic career journey addiction neuroscientists and how this journey can inform others.
We hope this talk series will inspire and bring diversity and brilliant minds from across the world to the field of addiction neuroscience.
For more inquiries and registration please contact


For those of you who weren’t able to participate in the Sept 17, 2020 talk, we made the video-recording of this event accessible to you to be able to catch up with us.
You can find the full recorded video of Dr. Judson Brewer’s talk on the ISAM-NIG channel.
The schedule of our future talks and the speakers (until July 2021) in available in the attached flyer. We would sincerely appreciate it if you could circulate the attached flyer among those who might be interested.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the 4th talk from our talk series given by Dr. Jean Lud Cadet on October 22nd, 2020, 10:30 am – 12 pm (ET)!

In the meantime, ISAM-NIG is holding its 3rd webinar on “Biomarkers for Addiction Treatment Development: fMRI Drug Cue Reactivity as an Example” on Thursday, October 29nd, 2020. You can find the link to the agenda from here. Please reply to this email if you would like to take part in this free webinar.

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