ISAM NIG Interest Group Webinars

February 6

The ISAM Neuroscience Interest Group (ISAM NIG) has recently published a roadmap paper to actualize potentials in these international collaborations and bring neuroscience to addiction medicine.


As part of the Interest Grup’s Activities the ISAM NIG Co-Chairs Antonio Verdejo-Garcia, PhD, Monash University and Hamed Ekhtiari, MD, PhD, Laureate Institute for Brain Research are holding the first ISAM NIG webinar on Feb 26 (topics below).

  1. Are you interested in joining this international network?
  2. The first ISAM NIG webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 26th 3-5 ET. The webinar is free, but, there are limited virtual seats available.


If you are interested in participating in this or future webinars on relevant topics – Please respond to these two questions by email: ISAM NIG and you will receive more details for participation.


First ISAM NIG Webinar Agenda

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020, 3-5p ET (9-11p CET and Thursday, February 27th, 5:30a ACST, and 7-9a Melbourne time)

15:00-15:10 Brief Overview on Webinar Agenda and Introduction of the Webinar Participants

15:10-15:20, Why Do We Need the International Network on Neuroscience for Addiction Medicine (INONAM), Kathleen Brady (Medical University of South Carolina)

15:20-15:35Introducing German Addiction Research Consortium (ReCoDe)Andreas Heinz (CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin), Heike Tost (Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim), Rainer Spanagel (Heidelberg University)

15:35-15:45, NIDA Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Biomarkers and Biotypes of Drug Addiction, Tanya Ramey (Division of Therapeutics and Medical Consequences, National Institute on Drug Abuse)

15:45-16:00, ISAM NIG Roadmap Paper, Antonio Verdejo-Garcia (Monash University)

16:00-16:15, Potentials for Collaborations within ISAM NIG, Hamed Ekhtiari (Laureate Institute for Brain Research)

16:15-16:45, Group Discussion

16:45-16:55Meeting Conclusion: Challenges and Hope for INONAM, Alexander Baldachino (University of St Andrews)

16:55-17:00, Meeting Wrap Up and Next Steps with INONAM

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