ISAM President-Elect Dr. Alex Baldacchino accepts new position

June 13

Professor Alexander Baldacchino, Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry and Addictions with the Population and Behaviour Science Division, St Andrews University Medical School has been invited to work with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to lead the development of a programme of work for the area of substance use in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO). This temporary position as an international regional advisor will guide and facilitate the development of a strategic approach for the 22 Regional Member States to scale up prevention and treatment for substance use disorders. Alex is expected to leave Scotland for the EMRO office in Cairo on the 1st July 2019. Professor Baldacchino also holds clinical responsibilities as NHS Fife Consultant Psychiatrist in Addictions and NHS Fife Research and Development Director. He has also recently been elected as President Elect for the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM).

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