Applications being accepted for a new Publications Liaison Board position

April 6

The ISAM Board of Directors is looking for applicants for a new Board position: Publication Liaison (Editor) Officer.  Please see attached description and instructions if interested in applying. The successful candidate will be part of the ISAM Board meeting on Nov 12, 2019 in Delhi, India.


New ISAM Board of Director Position: Publication Liaison (Editor) Officer

As part of ISAM’s strategic direction to further increase its global platform the International Society of Addiction Medicine is establishing a position for a member of the Board of Directors who will serve as a Publication Liaison (Editor) Officer for 3 years initially. This individual will work with other ISAM members on decisions concerning all official ISAM public relations. It is envisaged that the ISAM Publication Liaison Officer will lead/facilitate in enhancing the opportunities to publish, with ISAM members and affiliate societies, in peer reviewed journals, support and enhance ISAM contributions with ISAM affiliated journals, support current ISAM newsletter, co-ordinate the publication of ISAM annual meeting abstracts, production/facilitation of ISAM position papers. The post will be also be very active in the overall ISAM communication strategy in place that aims to promote the ISAM brand through publications, press releases and other possible ISAM publication areas. She/he should have recognition for scholarship, cross-cultural research, editorial experience and, preferably, a history of peer-reviewed publications. The Publication Liaison (Editor) Officer should be able to exercise leadership in this position.


ISAM members interested in being considered for this position should send a CV and a letter expressing their vision for ISAM publications to


Deadline for submission: 15th August 2019

Shortlisting and interviews by 15th September 2019

Attendance of successful candidate at BOD meeting during ISAM New Delhi2019 Congress: 12th November 2019 (mandatory)

Official announcement of successful candidate: ISAM General Assembly in New Delhi


Core Responsibilities of ISAM Board of Directors:

  • Term: 3 year renewable
  • Medical graduate
  • Hospital specialist or generalist specialist in one or more areas of addiction medicine (including psychiatry)
  • History of senior educational, managerial and /or research experience
  • Support ISAM goals and aspirations
  • Be a good will ambassador of the society
  • Be at least 2 years as a paid up ISAM member in good standing
  • Demonstrating active involvement with ISAM activities
  • Attend annual Board of Directors meeting (two consecutive absences is deemed resignation)
  • Participate in most of the 3-5 teleconferencing BOD meetings yearly
  • Fill in executive positions when necessary
  • Actively recruit individual members to ISAM
  • Actively recruit national/regional Addiction Medicine (or equivalent) societies to ISAM
  • Help in the development of ISAM position papers
  • Take part in discussions and decisions by email/teleconference/skype throughout year
  • Participate and attend International working groups (e.g. WHO, UN) on behalf of ISAM
  • Present as speaker and/or chair sessions at ISAM Annual meetings
  • Assist with communication related tasks
  • Support the ISAM office in Calgary
  • Support appropriate and relevant ISAM governance framework

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